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''What we should have said...'

Salisbury International Arts Festival

Liz Berry, Martina Evans, Richard Douglas Pennant, Marios Takoushis,

Stuart Silver

June 7th, (8pm) 2017



Four star review from the Standard 25/2/2011

Good to find the words jazz and poetry back on the same bill, a thing seldom seen since novelist Jack Kerouac and beat-poet Allen Ginsberg outraged redneck America 50-odd years ago. Perhaps the recent movie about the obscenity trial of Ginsberg's epochal poem Howl - "I saw the finest minds of my generation destroyed by madness/starving, hysterical, naked" - revived promoter Ross Dines's interest in the spoken word. 

For whatever reason, alto-saxophone wizard Peter King shared Friday's fun with Lorraine Mariner, Corrie Etter, Ross Sutherland and Richard Douglas Pennant, four bold bards with the literary equivalent of a natural sense of rhythm. "This next poem," Sutherland confided, "was written by a computer program. If you don't like it, you must be a Luddite." "The velvet silence of an instrument case" illuminated Pennant's Poem in the Key of O, while Etter, American winner of the 2010 London Festival Fringe's New Poetry award, revisited the blues of unrequited love. Mariner, their wittiest wordsmith, reprimanded My Heart, The Slob: "Now is the time to get yourself free/but it just wants to stay on the sofa with me".

Cautiously, the musicians and poets kept apart until John Turville, warmed up by impassioned versions of Speak Low, Footprints and Impressions with King, drummer Stephen Keogh and bassist Mike Coney, volunteered some atmospheric chords. Full credit to him, to the ever-masterly King, whose startling new autobiography, Flying High, exposes the perils of a jazz life, and to Dines, for daring to put poets back on the bandstand.

Selected previous performances

(in chronological order from debut in 2004)

Old Stones New Tales – Book Launch 2 & 3 December 2004

Music for clarinet quintet was composed by Roland Melia and Andreas Moustoukis.

Old Stones New Tales Tour – 2006 / 07

Venues including:
Cambridge Summer Music Festival
British Embassy, The Hague
Yeats International Poetry Festival, Sligo, Ireland
Global Music Foundation Jazz Seminar, Certaldo

Alabaster Jar Tour – 2008

Venues including:
Oriental Art Centre, Shanghai, China
Pizza on the Park , London
Global Music Foundation Jazz Seminars in Certaldo, Italy and Saarwellingen, Germany

Tours – 2009/2010/2011

Venues including:
DeMontfort Hall, Leicester
Troubadour Club, London

Grand Pavillion, Porthcawl
Ucheldre Arts Centre

Dylan Thomas Centre
Aberystwyth Arts Centre
Queen’s Hall , Narberth
Pizza Express, London

Oriental Arts Centre, Shanghai

Teatre La Massa, Villesar , Catalonia

2010 Cork Jazz Festival Poetry Stage

Poets performed with include:

Stuart Silver, Cahal Dallat, Anne-Marie Fyfe, Paul Henry, Ruth Padel, Andrew Motion, John Barnie 
Mike Jenkins, Richard Margraff Turley, Nigel Jenkins, Martin Daws, Ross Sutherland, Lorraine Marriner, Carrie Etter, Hannah Silva, Emma McGordon, Sophie McKeand, Aiofe Mannix, and Christopher Simpson.

Musicians performed with include:

Tina May, jazz vocalist

Frank Harrison Jazz Trio

Peter King Jazz Quartet

Deborah Brown Jazz Quartet

Garrison Fewell Quartet

Barry Green and Huw Warren piano

Leicester Symphony Orchestra, with singers Katerina Mina, James Edwards and pianist Clare Hammond

Ross Daly and Kelly Thoma Cretan Lyre

Matthew Barley cello, Abdullah Chhadeh Qaanun, Darragh Morgan violin and Matthew Jones viola
Brodsky, Allegri and Danel String Quartets

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