Cegin Productions, under the direction of Roland Melia, handles the artistic output of Welsh poet Richard Douglas Pennant. In this context it also manages an on going series of performances of poetry and music, focusing on Welsh poets, in several venues in Wales. It has also promoted performances of poetry and music across Europe and China.

Cegin has cooperated with the Global Music Foundation in its delivery of seminars dedicated to improvised music in Jazz and arts festivals around the world. 

It has promoted performances of Jazz and poetry at Pizza Express in Dean st. and The Pheasantry in Kings Rd in collaboration with Global Music Foundation. Jazz artists that Cegin has promoted to date include Deborah Brown, Tina May, Charles MacPherson, Peter King and Bruce Barth. 

Cegin also takes part in the production of sound and dvd recordings of poetry and music.  It has produced a DVD of jazz vocalist Tina May with the Frank Harrison trio filmed at Pizza Express , Dean st, London.

A CD entitled Open Secrets, features Scottish traditional singer Alyth McCormack and the Frank Harrison trio.

In cooperation with Living Pictures Productions Cegin has co-produced Miss Julie, Sexual Diversity in Chicago, and a critically acclaimed production of Diary of a Madman.

In 2011 Cegin became the principal sponsor of the Troubadour International Poetry Prize and began promoting a series of evenings of poetry and music entitled 'What we should have said..." at the Troubadour Club in South West London which is led by Perrier Prize winning word artist Stuart Silver. 

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